“Accidental inspiration leads you to your destination” - Mary Chapin Carpenter


Once a year I offer a Women’s Health and Wellness retreat.  It’s a participatory retreat, where several structured activities are offered but because we all have something to share, participants are welcome (not required) to be an active part of the program by sharing
their knowledge and skills.


If you have a group of people that would like a special retreat please ask.

Upcoming Retreats:

- Due to COVID we had to cancel our retreat in 2020.  As soon as we can figure out an environment that is safe and fun we'll start again.

A Women’s Retreat designed to help you to age dynamically.  It’s about community, women sharing ideas, experiences and lifestyle.  It’s about movement, a critical component to being able to go where you want at anytime you want.  It’s about food, what should you eat for your health and wellbeing.  It’s about living stress free and emotionally balanced.  Come join a group of like minded women and share in learning, playing and relaxing in Sedona, Arizona - don’t you love the outdoors. 

Here are some quotes from past retreats:

"Reconnecting with old friends, making new friends and melting and meditating together was a great experience. Lots of good food and lots of laughter added to the Health and Wellness of our minds and bodies. I learned a lot and enjoyed the whole experience." - Joyce


"It is very uplifting, women in the world together and glad about it." - Lee

"The Health and Wellness Retreat held in September, 2014 at the Mountain Springs Resort near
Leavenworth, Washington was just what I needed for a chance to focus on "me". I love doing
for others. It gives me pleasure to know that I have purpose in life. However, this was a chance
for me to learn and think about what is important for my overall health and well-being. It was a
fabulous opportunity and I am so blessed to have had this time to make new friends and enjoy
the wonder of experiences that I will remember a lifetime
" - Diana

"The best thing was the open exchange and the learning from each other.
The free time was good too. A good mix of togetherness and free time"
- Sandy

"I am so thankful for having the opportunity to meet new people, have wonderful healthy food
and to laugh so much..... Laughing is good for the soul. Thanks Linda for pulling this retreat
together.... It was awesome"
- Sue

"I loved starting each day with yoga...It was fairly laid back so you didn't have to come with
previous experience. After that there was enough activities to choose from, people to do them
with or if you choose - do nothing at all"
- Katie


"Like most women, I’m always nurturing and caring for everyone else. This retreat was the perfect opportunity to care for myself! It was the perfect combination of activity, relaxation, and reflection - all in a supportive and enjoyable environment." - Helen