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About Linda


Who am I?  I have many roles - mother, wife, sister, friend, confidant, teacher, student, partner and more.  What are my strengths?  I care about people, have great empathy, am a strategic thinker, and I love reading research.  I think that good physical and mental health is a critical component of life and my passion is to help others achieve their health and wellness goals. 

I am also a Health and Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer.  Coaches are trained to help clients develop and implement personal wellness plans by: accepting and meeting you where you are today, asking you to take charge, helping you define a higher purpose for wellness and uncover your natural impulse to be well, addressing mental and physical health together, and helping you set realistic goals and overcoming obstacles.  As a Personal Trainer, I can help you focus in on movement along with mind-body techniques that have been identified as critical to achieving your vision and goals


I worked in Information Technology for many years and the last position I held before I retired was the Chief Information Security Officer for The Boeing Company.  I have personal experience dealing with extreme stress and have had my share of health issues.   When I retired I decided I would pursue a goal of helping people who are experiencing health issues or just wanted to improve their health. Although I help many different types of people, my primary audience are people over 50.  I believe that there are unique challenges as we get older and there are many roads to better health and wellness.  Sharing with others is one of the constant pleasures of life. 


Education and Certifications:


•    M.S. Organizational Management

•    Certified Health and Wellness Coach

  • Restorative Exercise Specialist

•    500 Hour Certificate in Viniyoga

•    ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

•    ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

•    Primal Health Coach

•    MELT Teacher

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