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Personal Training



We’re not just missing movement—we’re missing nutritious movement; movement that includes all of the right bends and squishes at the right amount for all your parts to work optimally.” -  Katy Bowman


Exercise and Movement are critical, especially as we age.   Did you know that we progressively lose muscle mass starting in our 30's and after middle age, adults lose 3% of their muscle mass every year?  Muscle loss and diminished strength and endurance is a leading cause of impaired mobility and functional decline for older people.  The reason for significant muscle loss and diminished strength is due to a sedentary lifestyle and unbalanced diet.  Change that, live longer and healthier. 


I can show you how to create a more balanced and healthy movement lifestyle by teaching you how to figure out which movements you’re missing, and which you’re currently overdosing on.  There are exercises to help you restore what you’ve lost and exercises that can be used in your daily life to keep you moving better.  

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